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Who are Forex Bros

Committed to Your Success

Everything we do is geared to make our platform conducive for traders to sharpen their skills and earn real funding. We are dedicated to supporting consistent traders whose discipline breeds long-term success.

With trading in our blood we are on a mission to help everyone harness their inner trader!


Empowering Traders

Our mission is very simple. Give traders the opportunity to trade with less risk & become a funded trader from anywhere in the world.

Simplicity is the best path to success, our tried and tested process is built to allow traders to become funded traders as soon as possible.
We don't believe in barriers, so we won't make you jump through hoops or put unrealistic parameters as a measure of success.
We are committed to full transparency. We have realistic parameters and are willing to offer funding to all traders who prove themselves in our evaluation steps.
We are always learning and seeking new ways to improve. We believe in our product and by staying up to date with industry trends and technology advances we will ensure to always deliver.
Fore Bros

We've Got Your Back

Our Funded Trader’s Program helps traders develop better skills and build healthier habits as they take on our 2-step evaluation. Simply achieve the objectives and unlock up to $500K in funding.

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