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➽ How to Use Your Challenge Dashboard




Funded Trader Challenge Dashboard is a very useful tool to keep track of your progress within any Challenge or Competition.


The sections you will find within your Dashboard are listed below:


Challenge Accounts Section:


  • All your previous and active Challenges.
  • Login credentials and server name.
  • Your progress within the Funded Account Challenge.
  • Challenge’s criteria and your current status.





Platforms Section:


  • Here you will have quick access to the available Trading platforms. 
  • Make sure to use the same platform for which you purchased the challenge.
  • We are constantly working to expand our trading platforms, so stay tuned!



Affiliates Section:


  • Information related to our Affiliate program (commissions, referrals, affiliate links, payout, etc.).


My Profile Section:

  • Personal information (name, surname, nickname).
  • Option to change your Challenge Dashboard’s password.
  • Billing information for all the transactions related to the Funded Trader Challenge.

Live Support Section:

  • Our Support Team is available 24/7 if you have any queries. Clicking on the live support button will open a chat with one of our customer care representatives.

Log out Button


  • Click on this button to log out of your account.




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